1. As a Specialist Bar Association, PEBA is a representative and educational body rather than a regulator of professional conduct or performance.

2. Any complaints about the professional conduct or performance of an individual member of PEBA should be made, in the first instance, to his or her chambers and/or to the Bar Standards Board; any such complaint which is made to PEBA will be returned with the advice to follow appropriate processes in relation to that individual.

3. If you have a complaint arising out of the actions of the Association, its Committee or its agents, please make this known to the current Chairman or Vice Chairman. In any telephone, written or electronic communication, please set out as clearly and succinctly as you can the details of your complaint together with your name, address and contact details.

4. The Chairman or Vice Chairman will acknowledge your complaint within 14 days of receipt of your communication. Within 14 days thereafter, you will hear either from the Chairman or Vice Chairman again or from one of the other officers of the Committee (The Officers of the Committee are defined as the Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer)  who will either respond to the substance of your complaint or respond to let you know that s/he has received it and is considering it, together with a timescale in which you will receive a reply to the substance of the complaint, not to exceed 28 days from the date of that reply.

5. If necessary in the opinion of the relevant officer, you may be asked to agree to an extension of time for the receipt of a full response to the substance of your complaint, for example, to allow the Committee to consider it at its next appointed meeting. If the officer, in his or her absolute discretion, deems it necessary, your complaint may be considered by the Committee, but if you wish it to remain confidential and not to be considered by the Committee, please specify this clearly in your original communication; in that case, your complaint will be processed by the Chairman or Vice Chairman and considered and responded to by her or him to the best of their ability.

6. If your complaint relates to an application to join PEBA, the officers reserve the right to discuss your complaint with the Membership Secretary. If your complaint relates to a PEBA CPD event, the officers reserve the right to discuss your complaint with the organiser and/or administrator and/or host of the event. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the process conducted by PEBA, you may raise the matter with the Bar Council. Please note that PEBA’s complaints process does not extend to considering matters arising out of a member’s discharge of his or her professional duties to clients or a member’s conduct in court or before any other tribunal. These latter matters should be taken up, in the first instance, with the relevant member’s chambers and/or with the Bar Standards Board.